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The Panaxion Story

The concept for a device for blending paints and coatings was conceived and in 2004, the first prototype was built and tested. With the concept validated, a Canadian patent was applied for. In 2005, Panaxion was created to develop and commercialize the blender device. A letters Patent was granted in 2009. Three more prototypes were built during the period 2005/2009 incorporating suggestions offered by painters and decorative painters. Many engineering disciplines were and are involved in the design and testing of the blender engine. They include mechanical, electronic, software, embedded systems, networks and chemical engineers. During 2013/2014 the fifth prototype was developed and tested.

Due to technical complexity and the fact that the project is "ahead of its time" we are currently freezing active development.


The core paint colour management & blending technology works. Contact us to licence the Decoraxion technology.

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